Qualifications transport aircraft pilot ATPL entitles exercise for consideration as commander (captain) multi pilot operation and single crew pilot operation with aircraft deployed on commercial flights. Airline Transportation Pilot License ATPL aircraft represents the highest level of pilot training. Training of Airline Transportation Pilot consists of a gradual ground training of various skills ranging from training for private pilot PPL, through training, night flying NIGHT and instrument rating IR, flying multi-engine piston airplanes MEP and finally training for a commercial pilot CPL, the pilot currently undergoing the teaching of the theory of pilot airliners from which passing the relevant exams and flown after the required number od hours as a co-pilot airliners, has been awarded the qualification airline transport pilot airplanes.

Those interested in transportation pilot training aircraft must be at least licensee of a private airplane pilot PPL, radiotelephone operator license, medical certificate first class and have a high school education.

Training ATPL airline transportation pilot aircraft is to teach the theory and exams in the following subjects:

Air law and ATC procedures
Airframes & systems, electrics, power plant, emergency equipment
Mass and balance
Flight planning & monitoring
Human performance & limitations
General navigation
Radio navigation
Operational procedures
Principles of flight
Communications VFR and IFR

ATPL (A) – 650
The course theory in the range of 650 hours intended for the holder of a private pilot license PPL airplanes.

ATPL (A) – 500
The ground theory course in the range of 450 hours dedicated to the holder of Instrument flight rating IR (A) shortened by 150 hours.

ATPL (A) – 400
The ground theory course in the range of 300 hours dedicated to the holder of commercial pilot licence CPL(A) shortened by 250 hours.

ATPL (A) – 250
The ground theory course in the range of 250 hours dedicated to the holder of commercial pilot licence CPL and Instrument rating IR (A) shortened by 400 hours.

The course starts every 3 months in Praha Letnany airport, next course starts the 3rd saturday in January 2020


Price is 38000 CZK with all books, Pooley mechanical computer, Jeppesen route manual and access to questions with CAP supplements.