Flight training

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly? Want to travel with your friends and family to exotic places? It’s easier than you think!
One of our Certified flight instructors could take you up for a Discovery Flight and let you take control of the plane. This is a great way to see if you’re ready to pursue a private pilot’s license and your dream of learning to fly!
Unlike many of the training schools out there, our flight training programs are individually tailored to suite your goals and your needs. We do not waste your time and money by grouping you into a general flight training program that teach you things you don’t need.
Safety is our priority, and with our customized training, you will not only complete your training, but fly safely and bestow confidence in your friends and family.
At M-Air we have certified instructors that can help you achieve the following ratings:

PPL(A), Night

ATPL(A) and CPL(H) theory 

Don’t hesitate! Contact us today so that you can stop dreaming and start flying!

Many people are surprised by how easy it is to get a pilot’s license. Basically, most people who have a driver’s license for a car would also be eligible for a pilot’s license.
A medical check by a doctor specialized in aviation confirms your fitness to fly; needing glasses, for sure, will not disqualify you.
The age limit for flying is less than that for a car. Training can begin as young as 16 and an applicant for a Private Pilot’s license can be as young as 17. There is no upper age limit, as long as you are able to pass your medical check.
You will be required to complete 50 hours of ground training and at least 45 hours of flying. The actual amount depends on each student, but our custom programs will ensure you get the most of it.
To complete your Pilot’s license, you will also need to complete a written exam and a check-flight.