CPL (Commercial pilot licence)

Qualifications commercial pilot CPL allows the aircraft to fly as a professional pilot, ie. To perform commercial flights for a fee, such as sightseeing flights or an instructor (after gain instructor qualification) or as co-pilot in airliner.

Those interested in commercial pilot training aircraft must be licensed private pilot airplane PPL, radiotelephone operator license, medical certificate of Class I and total flight time with at least 150 hours of flight time.

The training syllabus includes theoretical lessons in the range of 200 hours or classroom training as part ATPL theory of 650 hours. Practical training in a range of 25 flying hours of which 20 hours may be flown on a regular training flight and 5 hours on the training complex aircraft with retractable landing gear and variable pitch propeller. Pilots with IR qualification is shortened to 15 hours, and again at least 5 hours must be flown on a complex aircraft with retractable landing gear and propeller.

Final exam in the theory is done as a test on the computer in the Civil Aviation Authority CAA and practical exam with inspector of the Civil Aviation Authority.