Instrument rating (IR)

Instrument rating allows to conduct flights under instrument meteorological conditions IMC. Qualification for Instrument rating is divided for single and multi-engine airplanes.
Those interested in instrument rating on single-engine airplane IR/SEP must be a holder of a PPL or a CPL with night qualification, general radiotelephone operator’s license, medical certificate I or II. Class with endorsement of audiometry. Also at least 50 hours cross-country flights as PIC pilot in command. Those interested in training on multi-engine airplane IR / MEP must have a valid qualification for multi-engine aircraft MEP.
The training syllabus includes theoretical lessons in the range of 200 hours of training and practice in a range of 50 flying hours of which up to 30 hours may be flown on an approved simulator.
Final exam is done iin form of a test on the computer in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and practical exam with inspector of the CAA.