NIGHT qualification authorizes the pilot to perform night flights in visual meteorological condition (VMC). The pilots learn to safely operate the airplane during flying at night when the pilot is exposed to psychological stress caused by the undesirable spatial orientation and various flight illusions. NIGHT qualification allow to conduct safe flight even after sunset, when some reason extend your daily VFR or simply you want to enjoy the trip and return home at the evening, and especially is included as part of training for Instrument Rating (IR).

The training can be implemented in the PPL, which have to includes extra teaching theory and ground preparation of 1 hour and further practical training in a range of 5 flying hours. The training syllabus includes a first flight in local space for training maneuver, further circuit flights and skill test before solo flights around the circuit. The syllabus is finished by navigation flight with a landing at the destination airport. Upon completion of the training qualification is entered in the pilot’s license.

NIGHT qualification is a necessary for a beginning of training instrument flying IR (A) and to obtain a commercial pilot licence- CPL (A).