Hire a pilot

Need to get somewhere FAST? Big airlines not able to meet your schedule needs? Final destination still a long way from any major city?
Flying with M-Air, you will not have to wait at crowded airports in long security lines. You arrive at the airport when you need and depart right away to where you need to go.
With our state of the art aircraft and highly trained and certified crews, you will be able to fly direct to many destinations in Europe without the need to transfer aircraft.; this means you save time and frustration.
Contact us and tell us exactly where your final destination is. In most cases there is a small airport close to your final destination which the big airlines don’t go to, but we can.
Our air charter services can also help save your company money. By minimizing travel time, you get more done in a day and can avoid the need to stay in a hotel away from your family.
Our focus is on safely getting you to where you need to go based on your schedule. Contact us today for a free, no obligations quote.