Cena: 142 500,- Kč / € 5 900,-


For all pilots thinking to earn money as a pilot.

Instructors, charter and airline pilots, rescue and medical services pilots


Minimum age: 18 let
Valid Class 1. Medical Certificate
Valid Private Pilot Licence – PPL(A)
Ability to communicate in Czech or ICAO English Proficiency Level 4 or higher

Logged at least 150 hours, from which at least 100 as PIC and minimum of 20 hours on cross-country flights of 300 NM (540 km) and more with two full stops on at least two airports, 10 hours of instrument flight training and 5 hours of night flying experience.


Ground theory course

Ground heoretical courses and consultations of 250 hours split into 13 subjects:

010 Air law
021 Aircraft General Knowledge
022 Instrumentation
031 Mass and balance
032 Performances
033 Flight planning & monitoring
040 Human performance & limitations
050 Meteorology
061 General Navigation
062 Radio navigation
071 Operational procedures
081 Principles of flight
090 Communications


Practical training

Flight training must be in total of at least 15 flight hours. At least 5 hours is flown on complex airplane 

Flight training is performed on single engine piston airplanes Cessna 172 and C172 RG.

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