Cena: 233 000,- Kč / € 9 700,-


This is the basic pilot licence. It allows you to fly airplanes for your personal needs

This licence is not for commercial flying (to fly for money).


Minimum age: 17 years
Valid medical certificate I. or II. Class
Valid aeronautical radio-telephony licence (before first solo). The RT course is available during the theory training.

Theoretical training

Ground theory of 100 hours are split into nine subjects:
* Air law
* General airplane knowledge
* Flight planning
*Human performance
* Meteorology
* Navigation
* Operating procedures
* Basic manoeuvres
* Communication

Practical training

Flight training consists at least 45 flight hours, from which maximum of 5 hours can be done on simulator (FNTP). At least 25 hours is flown with an instructor and at least 10 hours must be flown as solo. Holders of LSA, Sail Plane Licence and PPL(H) can use up to 10% of their PIC hours towards the training but no more than 10 hours in total.

Flight training is performed on single engine piston airplanes Cessna 172.

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