Cena: 257 250,- Kč / € 10 500,-


Instrument rating allows to conduct flights under instrument meteorological conditions IMC. Qualification for Instrument rating is divided for single and multi-engine airplanes.

Final theoretical exam is passed on a computer in the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and practical exam with an examiner.


Those interested in the Instrument rating on single-engine airplane IR/SEP must be holder of a PPL or a CPL license with Night qualification, RT Radiotelephony operator’s license and a medical certificate Class I, also at least 50 hours cross-country flights as a PIC

Those interested in training on multi-engine airplane IR / MEP must have a valid qualification for multi-engine aircraft MEP and the rest of the requirements as for SEP.

Theoretical training

The training syllabus includes theoretical study plan in the range of 200 hours of self study and 7 seminars in the classroom

Practical training

Flight training includes 50 flying hours of which up to 25 hours may be flown on an approved simulator.

Flight training is performed on single engine piston airplanes Cessna 172

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